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Connor’s ready for Halloween!

My next post was supposed to be about what TSC is, but yesterday was my fourth 29th birthday and today we were out enjoying the pretty fall day. So, in other words, not a weekend conducive to serious writing. But Connor’s getting pretty pumped about Halloween, and insisted on wearing one of his Halloween themed shirts today. In keeping with the theme of his shirt, we went to the Sunday in the Park Festival at Atlanta’s Historic Oakland Cemetery. He had a great time. I can always tell when he’s having fun because he closes his eyes and goes to sleep to show it. I’ve also finally gotten on board with Instagram so I’m about to take annoying to a whole new level.


Pardon my month and a half break…

…but I’ve been asleep. No, really. I’ve been so blessed as to have not thrown up once for the entire duration of the first trimester, but as for that fatigue thing they mention? I’m matching my cat hour for hour. Today was the first day in weeks I’ve summoned the energy to exercise, and of my usual 4 mile walk, I managed just a little over a mile before I was ready to curl up under a shady tree. In fact, the most significant aspect of the walk was when I came across Pachelbel’s Canon in D on the iPod. It’s not one of my usual musical motivational tools, but I just felt I needed to hear it. When the violins swelled, so did the hormones and emotions, and the baby immediately let me know that I should immediately take up the violin, indeed should have done it 20 years ago and that I’m a musical failure. Great.

We had our first ultrasound last week. I was expecting to have a Jennifer Aniston Friends moment of “I don’t see it!” but it was clearer than I could have expected. Unfortunately, being the 12th week, we had no luck with the sex, but it was fascinating to see the translucent skin and vital organs. The baby was all stretched out in a manner that reminds me of the way my husband hogs the bed. So I guess I know what I’m in for. I also realized at that moment that it was a real child, and had to breathe into a paper bag for the rest of the day.

Since I’m way behind on this blog: some of my favorite reactions to the news of my pregnancy:

1. So no drinks for Becky at the wedding? Wait, maybe this is good for my wallet. (husband’s cousin)

2. Holy sh#%! (long shocked pause) You’re spawning? (my brother)

3. I just peed my pants a little…I’ll bring back little Swedish baby toys or baby skinny jeans! (friend who is studying in Sweden)

4. So he IS hitting that! (husband’s cousin’s fiance)

Should a pregnant woman slide over a waterfall?

Okay, in my defense it wasn’t that high or that deep, but when I touched bottom and the undercurrent pulled my feet out from under me, and I did have a moment in which I questioned my decision making. I think I have a lot of that coming up.
So I guess it’s time for a second go at blogging after a hiatus of several years. Oh, how I’ve missed this world. But frankly, blogging became quite difficult upon entering my current profession. I have so much I want to say about my job, but history has not been kind to blogging educators. So sadly, I will continue to store my abundant material away in the “I want to Tweet this so bad, my head’s gonna pop” portion of my brain.

But I needed something else to talk about. I mean, sure I could stick to my personal life, but the stuff that gets me really fired up and sarcastic is work. Probably because  modern pharmaceuticals helped me find an inner peace I didn’t have the first time around blogging.

So let’s start with the attempts to get pregnant. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of site. But I have to say, I was shocked throughout my 20s to discover how many people experience fertility issues and miscarriages. I know people, multiple people, who have done fertility treatments, in vitro, adoption etc. And yet, many girls (sadly not enough) hear their whole lives IF YOU DON’T USE PROTECTION YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! so I couldn’t believe it was really true until I tried it.

But there is always a bright side. The bright side being that I could drink for another month.

But what do you know? The second time worked. I remember my final drink fondly, an apple martini, two days before I found out.

I’ve already had to out myself to a friend. It’s just that weird when I go out and don’t have a drink. This could be a problem.