Should a pregnant woman slide over a waterfall?

Okay, in my defense it wasn’t that high or that deep, but when I touched bottom and the undercurrent pulled my feet out from under me, and I did have a moment in which I questioned my decision making. I think I have a lot of that coming up.
So I guess it’s time for a second go at blogging after a hiatus of several years. Oh, how I’ve missed this world. But frankly, blogging became quite difficult upon entering my current profession. I have so much I want to say about my job, but history has not been kind to blogging educators. So sadly, I will continue to store my abundant material away in the “I want to Tweet this so bad, my head’s gonna pop” portion of my brain.

But I needed something else to talk about. I mean, sure I could stick to my personal life, but the stuff that gets me really fired up and sarcastic is work. Probably because  modern pharmaceuticals helped me find an inner peace I didn’t have the first time around blogging.

So let’s start with the attempts to get pregnant. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of site. But I have to say, I was shocked throughout my 20s to discover how many people experience fertility issues and miscarriages. I know people, multiple people, who have done fertility treatments, in vitro, adoption etc. And yet, many girls (sadly not enough) hear their whole lives IF YOU DON’T USE PROTECTION YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! so I couldn’t believe it was really true until I tried it.

But there is always a bright side. The bright side being that I could drink for another month.

But what do you know? The second time worked. I remember my final drink fondly, an apple martini, two days before I found out.

I’ve already had to out myself to a friend. It’s just that weird when I go out and don’t have a drink. This could be a problem.