Are you looking for Casey Revman?

I love the way my blog shows me search engine terms that have led to my blog (except in the case of the person that was googling “baby torture”. I guess that will teach me to make jokes about physical therapy). A lot of people are finding my blog searching for Casey Revman Runner’s World TSC. Interestingly, my blog seems to be the first to show up in the results…but I’m guessing all of you are looking for the article, which seems hard to find, so here is the link to the article that ran in December’s Runner’s World.

December's Runners World p. 52
December’s Runners World p. 52

I have also been nominated for Blog of the Year 2012 by a fellow blogger and, in turn, will be making my own nominations shortly 🙂 Thanks, Sylvia!


3 thoughts on “Are you looking for Casey Revman?”

  1. Thanks….I’m doing a project on TSC (inspired by the article) and found your website an easy access place to see it (plus learn a little on the disease). If you could reply to this comment, I’de like to ask you a little on what it’s like raising a child with this disease, if you don’t mind being quoted. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. It’s A project for my freshman biology class (we’re making poster boards along wiht reports). Would you mind if I used a picture of Connor (the one that comes up on the “TSC? Never Heard of It!” link). He’s so cute 🙂

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