There’s a Storm Coming…

Connor is going to be a nightmare when he gets fully mobile. Don’t get me wrong — I’m counting the days — but as I type he is trying to kick my laptop off my lap. No, wait, now he’s alternating kicking his legs and shaking his head back and forth as hard as he can and smacking into me with his remolding helmet. His left side is covered in fur he tore out of Emma Cat. Did I mention he’s lying in bed with me because he’s totally wired and not even close to sleeping? And he keeps trying to steal blankets and pillows from us.

The other night he was lying on the couch with me and he bit my boob. As in, made me bleed. He never breast fed because he didn’t latch in the NICU, and all I know is that he tries to remove any finger that goes near his mouth. Those extended breast feeders must be out of their minds.

He’s just a big ball of toddler energy trying to bust out of a delayed body…but it’s coming. The reckoning. He will soon destroy this house and everything in it.

I can’t wait.

Huggin' it out.
Huggin’ it out.
Training for WWE Safari edition.
Training for WWE Safari edition. Also, I should put all those toys on eBay since he’s perfectly content to play with a spoon.
Still working on that hide and seek concept.
Still working on that hide and seek concept.

2 thoughts on “There’s a Storm Coming…”

  1. he’s adorable and fantastic that he is almost mobile! I know that must make your heart soar! Much love from Living with Superman!

  2. I remember those days of extended toddlerhood, i used a gate across her rooms door and put mattress on floor so she had a big safe play area and could fall asleep in her room and not get out if she woke up before me . You figure out ways to cope ! Good luck!

    Cheers, Susan

    From my ipad

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