In Memory of Dee Triemer

I’m taking a break today from the Blogging for TSC Awareness project. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent something in the last few days. I promise they will be posted soon.

Yesterday we all received the shocking news of Dee’s passing. Even knowing how serious her diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer was, I still never dreamed it would happen so quickly. I had told her I’d bring dinner as soon as we got rid of the sicknesses that have been circulating our house for the last month and half. I never made it.

Dee was an incredible advocate for TSC and her daughter Ashley, even taking a position at the TS Alliance, though she was able to stay here in Georgia.

She had a great sense of humor, even in the face of cancer and chemotherapy.


It was just March that we were in DC for the March on the Hill and she felt bad she couldn’t make it to the offices with us because of the back pain; the cause was not yet diagnosed. She was fretting over the fact that she had a formal event coming up and she would have to wear flats. “I can’t wear flats to a formal event! I love my heels!”

Dee, I hope you are wearing the most stylish, glittery 4.5-inch heels anyone ever saw.




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