Is this glue on my head again?

At his EEG today

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that after another hour long EEG, we still aren’t really sure what the deal is with these eye rolling incidents he’s having once or twice a day. And unlike the last time, when we spent 8 hours in an office with electrodes on his head only to have an episode on the way home, this time he had an episode in the waiting room right before it. At least the EEG showed once again that the hipsarythmia brain pattern that previously presented with his spasms has cleared up thanks to Sabril. The doctor doesn’t seem certain whether these are spasms or not, although he can’t say they aren’t some sort of seizure activity. He was very pleased with how well Connor is doing though because he isn’t presenting like a child having infantile spasms. At any rate, we are weaning him off one of his meds, phenabarbitol, so that we can see if clonazepam is more effective at knocking out whatever these eye rolls are. There was still no seizure activity otherwise (thanks again to our surgeon), which leads me to the other good news: during the EEG today they tried to see if a strobe light would trigger anything. It had no effect on him whatsoever, so Connor’s going clubbing this weekend.

But at least we got to do something fun today, too! Well, I’m not sure he would agree with that.


One thought on “Is this glue on my head again?”

  1. Judy just sent me your websight address. I loved reading all about Baby Connor’s ailment. He has a special place in my daily prayers. I’d like to add that I see you all being terrific and dedicated parents. Love you, Kitty

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