The scores are in…

Just received the results from Boston on his Mullen scores from the TSC study (nope, still haven’t heard about his MRI). Definitely a lot happier with the scores this time than last time.

Age: 17 months

Mullen Scale

Descriptive Category

page1image18872 page1image19032

Age Equivalent

Gross Motor

Very Low

9 months

Visual Reception

Below Average

page1image26912 14 months

Fine Motor

Very Low

14 months

Receptive Language

Very Low

page1image33904 10 months

Expressive Language

Very Low

9 months

Obviously I wish there were no delays, but I’m pretty excited to see 14 months in two categories. That’s not too shabby considering all he’s been through. And I can’t say the low ones are a big surprise. He just started to crawl and he doesn’t have any words yet. But he is continually progressing and I believe he will get there, especially in motor skills. He’s pulling himself up on furniture constantly, and while he can’t quite get to standing, he is trying.

I’ve sent the results off to his Early Intervention team to get their thoughts…

Now if I could just get the MRI results.


2 thoughts on “The scores are in…”

  1. Good news ! Just enjoy his porogress and do all you are doing to stimulate and help him . The physical coordination will come for sure and fine mltor and speech is longer but no one can predict what he will do! stacia talked in sentences by age 8.short and sometimes repetitive but she could say i love you, im mad and express her needs and sometimes say quite hilarious things like ” hi sexy” as well as memorizing words to songs . … And we were told shed mever talk … This from a girl who woke up after brainsurgery at 13 and said ” dont leave me” … She walked at 18 mos despite all the seizures and drugs she was taking then . Dont give up and love him for who he is … He will surprise you. ,y other three are unaffected and she is a genetic mutation but it is heartbreakimg with your first baby. hes a lucky boy to have u for a mom Congrats on house sale!

    Cheers, Susan

    From my ipad

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