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Are you handicapped? No? THEN MOVE.

handicapped-parking-1478608I got really insanely angry this morning. I attended the sneak peak at my son’s elementary school in Cobb County and was unable to park in any handicap spot. Every single spot was taken. Only one had a legal tag displayed. Every single striped wheelchair loading zone was taken, too. I’ve learned, thanks to a couple Facebook groups, that this is a common problem in many of our Cobb schools and little has been done to address it.

I haven’t had a tag for Connor that long, so while I obviously know this stuff occurs, I was not prepared to see EVERY SINGLE SPOT taken illegally (aside from the one). I complained inside and an announcement was made, but unfortunately the police officer that is there sometimes wasn’t present this morning. Someone who illegally parks in a handicap spot in the first place isn’t going to move because of an announcement, anyway. And when I left, there was a fresh crop of new illegally-parked cars pulling out of those spots as the sneak peak ended.

My son has a handicap placard because his brain has a bunch of benign tumors that have delayed his development, cause seizures, and make him a wobbly walker. And yet, I still only use the spots when I absolutely must. I don’t care that the lot was full this morning and that you didn’t want to park farther away.


Feel free to keep your asshole gene though.

Next time I will contact the police myself.

You are the reason my four-year-old son fell four times on the way to the car.

My kid fell because of people like you.

Someone else had to carry a 70-pound child to the other side of the car to get to their wheelchair because of people like you.

Someone’s child almost darted in front of car because they don’t understand danger because of people like you.

So get it together, not just Cobb County, but everyone that thinks this is okay.