Does insurance cover anger management?

Mixed Up Mommy is just really in a pissed off mood today. All these years I’ve taken crap for being part of the teaching community, and everyone likes to crap on the teachers all the time. (“I pay your salary!” Oh yeah, well I pay taxes too, so I guess that makes me self-employed.)  How about we turn that energy and focus it on the medical community…I’ll exclude nurses there since much of the time they seem to be the only ones doing anything, with the exception of Connor’s time recovering from seizure surgery on the seizure floor. They didn’t impress me much, but otherwise, they seem to be the only ones who get anything done. First of all, I’m sick to death of the administrative people. I hate them the most. They don’t give a damn. I’m sick of waiting for phone calls to be returned. This past summer, just to make an appointment with our surgeon, the scheduler took a week to call me back. Scheduling surgery? Another week. I received a bill that made no sense for $200 from the Emory-Children’s Clinic. I spent a month trying to get the billing department to call me back and explain it. I didn’t get a response until I mailed them a letter and sent a copy to every single member of the board, including the CEO. And it was a mistake. We didn’t owe anything. I’m sick of having to call doctors over and over and over. I’m sick of inordinate amounts of time in waiting rooms. I’m annoyed that we spent so long waiting for our eye appointment this morning that the doctor couldn’t even do the full exam because by then Connor was in one of those deep unarousable baby sleeps, and we had to go off the intial exam done by the tech for part of it.

I’m also pissed that I found out that the results of the ERG that was done on Connor’s eyes at Scottish Rite September 7 were never shared with anyone. His eyes have to be monitored because of a risky medication he’s on. This was just the baseline test to see where his vision started out before starting meds, so I wasn’t concerned, but I did notice they never contacted me with results. It was stupid of me not to follow up, but up until now, the one thing that does seem to go well in baby medical care is the sharing of the information. All Connor’s doctors and specialist do a good job of contacting one another about everything and always have on file what has gone on elsewhere. So I stupidly thought that a test that required sedation and admission through day surgery at Scottish Rite would warrant sharing with SOMEONE. But apparently we went through all that so the results could sit somewhere in lala land not be used for anything. Now I get to track them down and get them sent to the other doctors.

But, hmmm, how does one get another department to return your call when one can’t get a return call from the one she’s been trying to get in touch with since Wednesday? Thank you to the EEG department for closing for the weekend without returning any of my calls. Cuz God knows it ain’t no thing to squeeze in a 3-day EEG during the holidays. So I guess it’s the battle of the EEGs and ERGs.

But hey, it’s not your kid. What the hell do you care?


4 thoughts on “Does insurance cover anger management?”

  1. Not to be a pessimist….but it’s ALWAYS going to be an uphill battle.
    The paperwork, the insurance, who covers what, doctors communicating or NOT communicating with each other……

    We are fortunate enough to have a contact person at Oakland Children’s TS clinic who is so INCREDIBLY helpful and has been with Jack since the get go.

    stay vocal. ❤

  2. I must concur with Quliterina. Advocating and making sure a medically involved kid gets everything they need will always be a battle! We have gone through experiences just like you described many times. It is so stressful keeping on top of everything that sometimes I fantasize about crawling in a little hole and never coming out!!! My husband has even taken afternoons off just so that he could spare me dealing with the insurance company once in a while! And don’t even get me started on computerized phone calls! I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but I know better. It becomes your new normal! Having a blog to vent and rant on is like therapy for me! I hope it is for you too! Here’s hoping you are able to enjoy your weekend a little bit!

  3. What we have found helpful is that our regular pediatrician is the one who makes sure he gets all the test results and is the central point for us. I have a stack of his business cards and at every test, lab, and appointment I hand them one of his cards and say send him a copy. You sometimes can also ask for a copy of the results before you even leave such as an MRI they will copy a disc for you right then and there, but once you leave getting a copy is a headache. I totally get what you are going through it is so frustrating and stressful. Sorry. Hang in there. Wendi

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