Connor’s ready for Halloween!

My next post was supposed to be about what TSC is, but yesterday was my fourth 29th birthday and today we were out enjoying the pretty fall day. So, in other words, not a weekend conducive to serious writing. But Connor’s getting pretty pumped about Halloween, and insisted on wearing one of his Halloween themed shirts today. In keeping with the theme of his shirt, we went to the Sunday in the Park Festival at Atlanta’s Historic Oakland Cemetery. He had a great time. I can always tell when he’s having fun because he closes his eyes and goes to sleep to show it. I’ve also finally gotten on board with Instagram so I’m about to take annoying to a whole new level.


2 thoughts on “Connor’s ready for Halloween!”

  1. Love the pics and the fact that you are blogging. I will have to call you and catch up. I am also loving Connor’s shades and I though how adorable but wait darn I know why he is wearing them. One day there will be a cure for TSC and we will all dance and rejoice for our babies and friends with TSC. Love ya Wendi

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