A quick note on Accredo Pharmacy…

I mentioned a while back I had received a voice mail from someone at Express Scripts regarding my blog entries about my issues with Accredo. I also briefly spoke with her on the phone. I mentioned I still had comments coming in from readers who were experiencing major issues as well. She said she would definitely take a look. I do appreciate that the parent company reached out. And I really, really hope something will be done at Accredo. Something must change because the comments continue to come in. I’ve been adding them to the body of the post that originally got attention here. I will continue to do so. That being said, if things do start to turn around, I want to hear about that, too. Please let me know how it is going!

Update: Jennifer Luddy was the person I spoke with. She commented below with a way to contact her. Hi – This is Jennifer Luddy from Express Scripts. We do care very much about our patients, and if you have a service concern, we want to make it right. Please send me an email atExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com, and I will assist you.

Check out this Facebook group formed by a reader to combat this issue here.

11 thoughts on “A quick note on Accredo Pharmacy…”

      1. I appreciate you posting Jennifer Luddy’s email address. I sent her an email when I was at my wit’s end and received a call from Express Script’s customer department. The man’s name was Owen and he was very compassionate. He took a great deal of time walking me through the various phone calls which were logged into his computer. Out of that discussion SEVERAL poor practices on the part of Accredo came to light. It became extremely clear to me that whoever put the public interactive practices in place at Accredo has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT PEOPLE OR THE WAY THAT THEY LIVE IN THE 21st Century—or even the 20th Century, for that matter. From Robo calls that do not allow one to speak to a human being, but automatically connect you to a queue, waiting for a representative, WITHOUT EVEN IDENTIFYING THE NAME OF THE COMPANY OR THE REASON FOR THE CALL!!!!, to placing 4 such robo calls in a month (again no human to human interaction) before deciding that the client must not want to medication or has gone elsewhere for it—-are shear insanity. Who in the world these days is not busy and sits day after day by the phone waiting for an anonymous call to come in, which automatically puts them in a queue, often making them wait for 10 to 15 minutes or more before they even know who is calling???? Maybe if you are disabled or unemployed or are independently wealthy and sit around with nothing to do or occupy your life! And, if you hang up, because you are at work, or don’t even know who is calling, the computer logs that as the costumer did not want to talk about their medication needs.

        I was finally told that I could get some one on one service, like I have been used to from other specialty pharmacies over the past 20 yrs of ordering my daughter’s medication. However, when contacted by that person who was supposed to be available to help me order the meds, I was told that she would only be able to do so ONE TIME, with the next order. (Other companies had assigned us a personal rep who knew the status of our meds, needles, alcohol swabs, etc. and called, left voice mail messages and were EVEN AVAILABLE TO SPEAK ONE TO ONE, and had extensions and voice mail themselves!!!) This ONE TIME helper gave us a phone number and an extension, too… But, when we tried to use it, it took us to another queue, where we were not able to talk to the rep in question.!!!! I call that slight of hand. A shell game. Tell the customer what they want to hear and don’t change a thing.

        And, the robo calls? We were told they can’t be stopped. We would just have to ignore them while our personal rep helped us (for one month) HA!

        When we tried to get the medication first we were told it would be shipped on a given date. When that date came and went without us getting a call, we were told it was held and the shipping order cancelled because a deductible was owed. When a credit card was given, we were told the med would ship right away. But, when the day came and went again (w/o a call from Accredo), it turned out it was cancelled again bec a new prior authorization was needed. When the doctor’s office called us again WITH ACCREDO on the line, Accredo would not approve the PA because they had a different zip code than the doctor’s office. This was the same zip code problem which had been discussed and supposedly rectified a MONTH BEFORE. Again promises came and went. (This is just a part of the insanity that went on in Dec 2013 and Jan 2014.

        Luckily I called my insurance benefits administrator, who connected me with the company contracted to administer our pharmacy benefits. I was told that I did not HAVE TO USE ACCREDO!!!!! That my policy allowed me to use ANY SPECIALTY PHARMACY that was in network…and there were hundreds! IT WAS A GOD-SEND. We are in the process of changing back to the specialty pharmacy we have used for close to 20 yrs. They know what customer service is. They know how to run a company.

        ACCREDO needs to be shut down. It is an abomination to the world of specialty medication. And, btw, Owen, if you should ever read this, take my advice CHANGE TO ANOTHER COMPANY!!!! Your customer service talents are being wasted. Accredo has no business being in business. There are NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS WORKING THERE.

        As for other parents and patients having to ENDURE THE INEFFICIENCIES and INEPTITUDE of ACCREDO. Do yourselves a favor. Check with your benefits department. You MAY NOT actually have to subject yourself to this torture. You may be able to chose any specialty pharmacy you wish. CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH A BURDEN LIFTED OFF YOUR SHOULDERS! For us it is like dying and going to heaven.

        Hopefully, ACCREDO will be shut down one day by govt regulatory agencies, or perhaps in his benevolence God himself will send a bolt of lightening down and torch the whole damn organization!!!!!!!

    1. So we are all in the same boat with Accredo complaints.
      3 weeks later no medication and there is always some story as to why there is no progress. Shifting blame to the doctors office or the fax hadn’t arrived yet or the Pharmacist has the prescription and will contact you in 2-5 days. Like forever when it is needed URGENTLY. Why??? .why does a fax need 24hrs to get to its destination??? Even after saying status OK from the sender. This pharmacy will kill people. What Insurance sends people to Accredo Pharmacy?? Unacceptable. They don’t update you if there is a delay or an issue. If you don’t call you don’t know and even then they can’t tell you why you haven’t gotten the prescription yet. My word!!

  1. I too sent an email to Jennifer Luddy. After a few days she emailed me to ask for an ID number and contact phone number which I sent. We never heard from her again. Two days ago (1 week after being told someone would call us back in 24-48 hours!) we called for the fourth time. This time we got a very polite lady named Amanda W. who was properly horrified by our recent experience. She spent 40 minutes on the phone with us and finally got things straightened out. She kept apologizing for everything that has happened over the past week, but was really not in a position to do more about the problem. We should have the meds soon, but by then my husband will have missed 2 doses of his once per week requirement. I guess our next step is to contact our insurance company to ask if we can use another pharmacy.

    1. I’m so sorry I missed your comment initially. I’m glad you at least found one person that could help. I’m adding your comment to the How is Accredo Pharmacy Getting Away With This post.

  2. Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, division of Express Scripts is absolutely the most rude and inefficient company I have ever come across. And they don’t have to serve customers, Customers come automatically because they’ve gone to bed with insurance companies creating a legal monopoly in southeast states. Also, the drug manufacturers helped grease the skids to pass laws so that there can be NO generic versions of many specialty pharmacy drugs (mine Humira). I would pay extra just to get my Rx away from Accredo. Hoping search engines pick this up so they get fired!

  3. Accredo is the worst mail order pharmacy I have ever dealt with. Everyone seems to be on a different page and operating under their own set of procedures and policies. Everytime I call to get my prescription filled, I am told something different and inconsistent with what I was told by the last representative. It takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to place my order or even answer a simple question. There seems to be a lot of confusion and incompetence among the staff and I dread dealing with them each month. They are, indeed, a nightmare! Luckily I am only on a six month treatment so I will not have to deal with them much longer. I feel for others who do. I will look into another pharmacy in the future if needed. Unfortunately, my insurance only pays for certain pharmacies to fill specialty drugs (only 2 or 3 are on the list) and Accredo is one of those. They still have not filed the first claim with my insurance company after five months of treatment. I am afraid I may get billed in the end but I don’t have the energy to address this too with such an incompetent staff. It’s all I can do just to get my prescription order filled. They could benefit from some organizational restructure and retraining!

  4. I’m glad I found this blog. I was wondering if it was just me but I can see this is a clear pattern of poor services from this company. For those using Accredo that have insurance through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, I’ve created a Change.org petition asking Anthem to either drop Accredo or provide customers with an alternative choice. https://www.change.org/p/blue-cross-blue-shield-drop-accredo-express-scripts-for-specialty-drugs-or-provide-customers-an-alternate-choice-for-filling-medications

  5. so awesome to find your site. I suffer many issues non of which I have asked for and the started when I was 43. I am now 49 and fighting like HELL to make it to retirement which I can do at 54. No i don’t make a boat load of money to retire that early it just happens that that is when I will have 25 years in with my company and I can retire with Full Benefits one of which benefits my Children immensely and the whole reason I took this job in the first place. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and have been blessed with great coworkers in my Department but right before my 20 year anniversary I was put through hell because of my health issues affecting my job performance. I was blindsided by the effort my company went to to basically either fire me or force me to crack and leave. I survived the initial deluge but the stress it produced took my health on a new downward spiral. My Pain Management Dr. treats me like a criminal but my diagnosis all have visual proof and proof via such wonderful things as a 100% numb thigh, an entire left side feeling of nails running down a chalk board severe swelling of my hands in the morning, horrible stiffness in my low back,knees and ankles in the am. A few others but I’ll spare you all. So my point I have been put on Humira for the anklosing spondylitis part of my fun and of course Accredo is my Pharmacy because Express Scripts is my mail order/prescription plan. I got a Humira complete card which is suppose to drop my payment to 5 dollars every time I fill my prescription. Everytime I fill my Scripts they charge me 49.99. Now i know how much Humira could cost me and I am thankful that i have such a great insurance plan but they will not take the Humira complete card i was given. They state the do not accept coupons or discount cards yet after i recieve my prescription in the mail we call complain and they credit our bank account 44.99. So what is the point of not taking the discount card. I want to switch my script to say my local CVS but Express scripts since they own Accredo force me to use Accredo. Express Scripts and Accredo are horrible. I know my issues are not as big as others and GOD BLESS your child and anyone else here or out in this messed up world that has to deal with these illnesses and diseases but I wanted to add to the Horror that is basically Express Scripts.

  6. I’m sad it’s not just me in spite of the comfort of not being alone. I’m trying to get my injectable for my autoimmune diseases that are out of control and in full flare. If Accredo cared so much they would address these issues from happening instead of doing damage control. They’re getting paid the equivalent of a decent used car every month for my meds and can’t even provide basic customer service in a timely manner.

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