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Sleeping With Scorpions

It was a quiet, relaxing, long weekend in the North Georgia mountains minus the morning we  woke up with a couple of  surprise visitors in the room.

Chris was the first to drag himself out of bed and head to the bathroom. I heard him utter, “What is that?! Is that a scorpion?!” Haha. Chris is the boy who cried scorpion (and various other creepy crawlers) to scare me so I just said, “Yeah, right.” He continued to insist there was something in the bathtub, so I got up to look. I didn’t even make it to the door because right there in my path:

Okay, technically this is the one in the tub, but you get the idea.
Okay, technically this is the one in the tub, but you get the idea.

Yes, right in the exact precise path I had used three times in the nearly pitch dark to use the bathroom throughout the night (I blame wine and my 30s). Thank God for my $2 Target flip flops. Sometime during the night a couple of scorpions showed up to party. I don’t CARE that the Internet insists Georgia scorpions aren’t deadly. There are certain things that should never be in a bedroom and scorpions are on the list, right after porcelain dolls and Robert Pattinson (sorry, I just don’t see it). I ended up discovering a couple dead scorpions between my nightstand and bed as well. So began the panicked gathering of items — including one toddler — and move from the bottom floor (selected for misguided idea that Connor might go to bed first ) to the top/third floor.  A hefty climb for such creatures (I choose to believe). We then went through everything in our bags to ensure we had not picked up any stowaways. Chris, for perhaps the first time ever, had not completely repacked and closed his bag, something I always make fun of him for doing every night on any vacation anywhere in the world. He says he likes to be prepared for escape Jason Bourne-style. He claimed he skipped it this time because I always make fun of him, and now here he was checking for scorpions as a result of my ridicule.

But other than that little adventure with wildlife, it was a relaxing trip. I even managed to read an entire book in about a day and a half — something that I used to be able to do all the time, but can barely get through a chapter most of the time these days. I couldn’t believe how fast I tore through this book. I felt like my increasingly dysfunctional brain had woken up in the fresh mountain air. Okay, so it turned out at the end that I had downloaded a Young Adult novel. I knew it had won awards and was also being banned in several places, cementing my desire to read it. I just didn’t realize the places it was being banned were American school libraries. At any rate, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie was pretty good.

I also discovered that Connor, who loves taking baths at home, isn’t down with large Jacuzzi-style tubs. He flipped out and refused to even let me set him down in it, so I had to bathe him in the sink as the regular tub was now hosting a scorpion.





IMG_2773 IMG_2742

IMG_2720 IMG_2711

Connor has really been making great progress lately. Some of the awesome things we’ve seen lately:

He’s very quick to respond to requests more frequently, like “let’s go upstairs,” “time to eat” or “show me______.”

He was able to squat down perfectly, pick up book and stand back up without any support from furniture.

He watched me demonstrate his bowling set and immediately helped me set the pins back up after ONE DEMONSTRATION!

He had taken his bib and put it on the couch. When I told him to come eat, he actually stopped, picked up the bib and brought it with him!

We are still waiting to hear from GW about including him in the Epidiolex trial. Argh. It’s been a month since additional paperwork was submitted.


Side note: I’ve previously posted about Accredo Pharmacy (Express Scripts) issues. A couple readers have contacted me about their ongoing issues and have subsequently started an FB group and petition. Please check out those links if you are a dissatisfied patient. While I do believe there are some employees working to help the situation, it appears they are the minority and way too many people are still fighting for their prescriptions. The change isn’t coming fast enough for people who are very sick and depend on these meds. If you are experiencing issues, please e-mail Jennifer Luddy at ExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com



A quick note on Accredo Pharmacy…

I mentioned a while back I had received a voice mail from someone at Express Scripts regarding my blog entries about my issues with Accredo. I also briefly spoke with her on the phone. I mentioned I still had comments coming in from readers who were experiencing major issues as well. She said she would definitely take a look. I do appreciate that the parent company reached out. And I really, really hope something will be done at Accredo. Something must change because the comments continue to come in. I’ve been adding them to the body of the post that originally got attention here. I will continue to do so. That being said, if things do start to turn around, I want to hear about that, too. Please let me know how it is going!

Update: Jennifer Luddy was the person I spoke with. She commented below with a way to contact her. Hi – This is Jennifer Luddy from Express Scripts. We do care very much about our patients, and if you have a service concern, we want to make it right. Please send me an email atExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com, and I will assist you.

Check out this Facebook group formed by a reader to combat this issue here.

I despise mail order pharmacies.

I had a full bottle when I started the process of refilling. Now I have this.
I had a full bottle when I started the process of refilling. Now I have this.

Really? I finally get Accredo out of my life, and now my insurance makes me get Onfi from mail order Optum Rx, even though it’s available locally. And what do they do? Take forever to process his upped dose on a new prescription and then just throw it on a UPS truck NOT OVERNIGHT, but 3-5 business days SIGNATURE REQUIRED, without coordinating a delivery date with me, all for it to be delivered two days after we run out. So here is my morning making phone calls coordinating getting an emergency supply. I DESPISE using mail order pharmacies. I started the process of his refill as we opened the current bottle. I thought an entire bottle of Onfi would provide sufficient time for a refill.

When I established on the phone this morning that the vague 3-5 business days would fall into the “too late” category I was transferred to someone who would help me get an emergency supply locally. Well, okay. I can deal with that. Until I realized that actually just meant I handle everything as usual and would have to do what I was already planning to do out of desperation. Call local CVS and beg for mercy. Call neuro and beg for emergency prescription to be sent over. Wait for everyone to coordinate everything and deal with initial insurance rejections and getting override codes.

Not to worry. CVS has assured me they will hook me up with emergency doses as needed because the prior approval needed to give me this “emergency” dose actually takes three days.

It sounds so pretty doesn’t it? Have your medication delivered right to your door! Don’t ever do it if you have a choice! My heart medication — the ones I’m going to need from all this in the future — will probably only be available through mail order.

To CVS Caremark Pharmacy that currently handles Connor’s vigabatrin: We have something special. Please, please don’t ever break up with me. My heart couldn’t take it. No, seriously. If you fail me, too, my heart might give out. I’m begging you to keep loving me.

On another note, I had a voicemail the other day from someone at Express Scripts in regards to my blog about Accredo. They are looking into the issues I shared. The day got away from me yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to call her back, but I appreciate that it is getting some attention there. I need to get some coffee and breakfast in my system to return the call. Oh, and Connor’s permission.