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A quick note on Accredo Pharmacy…

I mentioned a while back I had received a voice mail from someone at Express Scripts regarding my blog entries about my issues with Accredo. I also briefly spoke with her on the phone. I mentioned I still had comments coming in from readers who were experiencing major issues as well. She said she would definitely take a look. I do appreciate that the parent company reached out. And I really, really hope something will be done at Accredo. Something must change because the comments continue to come in. I’ve been adding them to the body of the post that originally got attention here. I will continue to do so. That being said, if things do start to turn around, I want to hear about that, too. Please let me know how it is going!

Update: Jennifer Luddy was the person I spoke with. She commented below with a way to contact her. Hi – This is Jennifer Luddy from Express Scripts. We do care very much about our patients, and if you have a service concern, we want to make it right. Please send me an email atExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com, and I will assist you.

Check out this Facebook group formed by a reader to combat this issue here.