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I despise mail order pharmacies.

I had a full bottle when I started the process of refilling. Now I have this.
I had a full bottle when I started the process of refilling. Now I have this.

Really? I finally get Accredo out of my life, and now my insurance makes me get Onfi from mail order Optum Rx, even though it’s available locally. And what do they do? Take forever to process his upped dose on a new prescription and then just throw it on a UPS truck NOT OVERNIGHT, but 3-5 business days SIGNATURE REQUIRED, without coordinating a delivery date with me, all for it to be delivered two days after we run out. So here is my morning making phone calls coordinating getting an emergency supply. I DESPISE using mail order pharmacies. I started the process of his refill as we opened the current bottle. I thought an entire bottle of Onfi would provide sufficient time for a refill.

When I established on the phone this morning that the vague 3-5 business days would fall into the “too late” category I was transferred to someone who would help me get an emergency supply locally. Well, okay. I can deal with that. Until I realized that actually just meant I handle everything as usual and would have to do what I was already planning to do out of desperation. Call local CVS and beg for mercy. Call neuro and beg for emergency prescription to be sent over. Wait for everyone to coordinate everything and deal with initial insurance rejections and getting override codes.

Not to worry. CVS has assured me they will hook me up with emergency doses as needed because the prior approval needed to give me this “emergency” dose actually takes three days.

It sounds so pretty doesn’t it? Have your medication delivered right to your door! Don’t ever do it if you have a choice! My heart medication — the ones I’m going to need from all this in the future — will probably only be available through mail order.

To CVS Caremark Pharmacy that currently handles Connor’s vigabatrin: We have something special. Please, please don’t ever break up with me. My heart couldn’t take it. No, seriously. If you fail me, too, my heart might give out. I’m begging you to keep loving me.

On another note, I had a voicemail the other day from someone at Express Scripts in regards to my blog about Accredo. They are looking into the issues I shared. The day got away from me yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to call her back, but I appreciate that it is getting some attention there. I need to get some coffee and breakfast in my system to return the call. Oh, and Connor’s permission.