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A Long Wait Finally Over

I met Giovana in eighth grade in 1993. She thought I was a weirdo. I thought she had big poofy hair. Just kidding. That was normal then. I was gonna bite the bullet and post a picture from that year for the sake of humor, but there are apparently none with just the two of us, and it seems wrong to bring down innocent people.

So here are some from high school.

My sweatshirt is misleading. I actually hated high school.
My sweatshirt is misleading. I actually hated high school.
Senior Prom. Hate my hair.
Senior Prom. Hate my hair.

Then came came college.

Going out.
Going out.
What? We went out a lot.
What? We went out a lot.

A few years later this guy shows up and is all, “See this sweet ‘stache I’m rocking? I’m gonna marry your friend.” I had been out of the country for their dating relationship. I tried to hire a hit man but he was too expensive. Fortunately, I decided I like Damien and didn’t have to kill him. Though we did ixnay the mustache.

Cruz Wedding 2004 (15)

Then they put up with my whining for a few years about how I’d never get married, until…


They had been wanting a baby for a long time. But sometimes life is a pain in the ass. After years of waiting, they got the call.


And now Connor has a new friend.







Welcome home, David!

There’s even room for a beer fridge on the porch!

So that neighbor I told you about? The one the put his house up for sale? They got a contingent offer of some sort. So I’m annoyed they got one first, but at least they are now out of the running. Plus, according to my realtor, they aren’t set to close until the end of July. At least if they accepted a lowball offer, and I have no idea if they did, it won’t affect our comps. I’ll be curious to see what they get though. We attempted a walk through with our realtor, but when we got there, there was a note that said not to enter without showing instructions. Uncertain what that meant, and if there was an alarm, we didn’t go in as we were unable to get the realtor on the phone (the house is empty). I can tell you there is a lot of rotten wood on the porch.

In the meantime, we continue to have plenty of showings, but no luck yet. I’m starting to hate the Autumn Lake neighborhood near us which shares our floor plan, and has a ton of homes on the market. I know one of our weekend viewers bought one over there because it had a master on main. She didn’t even know she wanted that until she saw it. It was otherwise very similar. Stupid, stupid Autumn Lake.

We’ve had three people come back for repeat showings. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. One of those was also this weekend. We were in her top 3…number 3 of course. She ended up choosing a house on a lake even though at the original showing, she was so afraid of snakes coming up, that she wouldn’t even go in the back. Well, alrighty then.

We went house hunting yesterday for the first time and of course I fell in love with a house. It has everything I want, though the price requires some negotiation. So far, I have been the chill one about having the house on the market, while Chris has been very antsy and agitated. Now I’m irritated. Let’s move this along already. I WANT that house. It’s more space, a screened in porch, and all the upgrades I could want.

In happier news, Connor is crushing it–life, I mean. He just got himself into a sitting position on his own for the first time a little bit ago. He’s babbling mamamamama, too. His newfound mobility has proven to be quite the life adjustment for us. I know everyone goes through this, but we’ve had 15 months to develop lazy habits about where we could set him down. Now his new hobby is hurtling himself off furniture. First it was the couch, which startled him, but he was okay. Then he made it off our bed, landed in a sitting position, and thought it was hilarious. But then it was the changing table, and while he wasn’t hurt, I think he scared the crap out of himself. I know I certainly stopped breathing when I heard the thunk. All I did was turn away to grab a diaper! So now I have to keep reminding myself that he cannot be left on anything at all even for a second.

I’m also excited that after years of trying to have kids, my friends Giovana and Damien are down in Colombia to pick up their son David. More on that when they return in 5-8 weeks…

Gio and Damien's mustache-themed baby shower.
Gio and Damien’s mustache-themed baby shower.